Subscription status explained

If you want to check the current status of your subscription, you can do so in the Billing tab. To access, simply click on your name at the top right on the app, select Profile and go the the tab Billing.  

Active - you are currently an active subscriber and can submit new requests and revisions. If you cancel or decide to go on pause, these changes will take effect as the end of your billing cycle, your account will stay Active until then.

Inactive - you have cancelled and reached the end of your billing period. You have lost access to your files and requests and are no longer able to submit requests. You will not be auto-billed anymore. You can resubscribe at anytime.

Paused - you have put your account on hold. You are no longer able to submit new requests or ask for revisions but you still have access to all your requests and files. You can move to an active plan at anytime.


Your ManyPixels subscription will automatically renew depending on the chosen billing frequency (monthly, quarterly or yearly). On renewal, we will charge your default credit card. To learn how to manage your cards, check out this article.

If you signed up on the 15th of the month and are on a quarterly subscription, your next billing date will be on the 15th day 3 months later.

You can see your Upcoming Invoice, your current Billing Frequency and your next Billing Date on the Billing Tab.

Failed payments and expired subscriptions

As explained, when your subscription automatically renews, the system will charge your default credit card. 

If for some reasons Stripe, our payment processing system, cannot process the payment, it will automatically retry 3 times within the following week. After each failed payment, you will receive an email notification.

After the  final attempt, if the payment still fails, you subscription will be automatically cancelled and you will lose access to your files and requests.

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