Getting started with ManyPixels is super simple. It takes only a few minutes to create your account and submit your first design request.

 1. Select your plan

Pick a plan on our pricing page and click on Start Trial.

Note this is not a free trial, instead we work with a full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to drop us a message through the chat or check how to contact us


2. Create an account

Create your account, fill in your information and answers a few questions so we can get a better understanding of your design needs. 

The whole process takes 5 minutes max.

3. Submit your first request

Check how to submit your first request here.

4. Get your design back the next business day

Your newly assigned designer will get on it asap and will deliver a first draft on the next business day. If revisions are needed, no worries, simply hit reply with any changes or edit.

Ready to jump in? Pick the best plan for your here.

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