Adding designer(s) to your account will increase the amount of design work you receive on a daily basis. 2 designers will result in 2 times more daily output.

To learn more about daily output, check out this article.

How to add or remove a designer to/from your account

Go to the Billing tab and then click on Add designers. Pick the number of designer(s) you would like and then confirm.

Alternatively you can also click on Edit plan.

How much does it cost?

Adding an extra designer to your account is the equivalent of buying an extra subscription.

Example: if your are on a Premium plan with 1 designer at $549/mo, adding an extra designer will result in a new monthly total of 2 x $549 = $1,098.

Can I add an extra designer only for a small period?

Yes. You can add and remove designer(s) to/from your account as you wish. 

Note that you will be billed on the pro rata and not on a monthly basis for extra designers. 

Example: you are planning a big marketing campaign and have a lot of requests in your Queue. You can add an extra designer for 2 weeks and then go back to 1 designer.

Can I have designers on different plans?

No. All of your designers must be on the same plan, i.e. either Basic or Premium.

Will I have multiple persons, i.e designers working on my account?

It depends. When you add multiple designers to your account there are 2 possible scenarios depending on the nature of your requests and the workload of your designer(s).

  1. You work with 1 designer who will deliver X times the usual daily output.

Example: you upgrade your account from 1 to 2 designers and desire to keep working with the same designer on all of your requests. Instead of delivering 3 social media graphics per day, your designer will now deliver 6.

2. You work with multiple designers who will each deliver the equivalent of 1 daily output. 

Example: you upgrade your account from 1 to 2 designers. You will have 2 different designers, each delivering 3 social media graphics.

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