To edit your plan, head to the Billing tab by clicking on your name at the top right on the app, select Profile and go the the tab Billing

You can then click on Edit Plan.

To apply the changes do not forget to scroll down, check the new total and click Update.

Change your billing frequency

We offer discounted quarterly and yearly plans. If you feel like sticking around long term, these are an easy way to save money. 

Select your preferred billing frequency.

Change plan

You can learn more about our different plans on our pricing page.

Your current plan will be marked as [Current plan].

Add or remove designers to my plan

If you would like us to get more done, faster. You can add designer(s) to your account at any time. 

Alternatively, when you are expecting a slowdown in design needs, you can decrease your number of assigned designer(s).

You can read more about having multiple designers assigned to your account in this article

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