To update your payment method, click on your Name at the top right on the app, select Profile and then go the the tab Billing

Add a card

Note that at this point we only allow credit cards. 

To add a new card simply click on the Add new card, fill in your card information and confirm by clicking Add.

You can add as many cards to your account as you want.

Set the default card

To set one of your cads as default (primary payment method), simply click the card. Once it is set as default, you will see a blue dot next to it.

Note that only your default card will be charged.

Remove a card

To delete a card, simply click on the bin icon next to it.

Note that you must always have a default card on file. If you wish to delete a card, make sure to 

  1. Add a new card first
  2. Set up this new card as default
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