If you need inspiration for your future requests, here are 23 examples of requests you can order on Manypixels to grow your business. All these designs were made by our designers.

1. Facebook Page Banner Redesign

Facebook is one of the most popular source of online customer acquisition. Try to leverage it by rebranding your social media profiles!

2. Blog Post Social Sharing Banner

Complement your blog post with a nice visual so that it gets more clicks when you share it on social media.

3. Landing page

Landing pages are a quick way to tell visitors the benefits of your app or website. They are also often used in digital marketing to capture visitor attention and reduce bounce rate.

4. Explainer Illustrations

Illustrations are a powerful way to communicate whether on your landing page, emails, or brochures.

5. Facebook Ads Illustrations

Get illustrations for your next Facebook Ad campaigns that convert well.

6. Ebook Cover Designs

What better way to capture leads by offering free stuff? Whether you are preparing an ebook, an online conference, a webinar or a free guide, add a nice design to it to convert better.

7. Blog Post to Infographic

A great way to engage users is to create infographics out of your blog posts. It can also be interesting to repurpose your old content and create infographics out of it.

8. Logo with a mascot

A logo with a mascot is very memorable, request this on ManyPixels!

9. Facebook or Linkedin Carousel Ad Design

People love stories, carousel ad designs help you capture intent, catch attention and drive to action.

10. Explanatory Infographic

People love content that helps them learn something new. Create infographics that capture your audience interests.

11. Lead Capture Design

Whether you are offering a free or paid product / service, it is important to illustrate you offerings correctly to ensure the maximum conversion from your traffic.

12. Display Ad Designs

Simple, catchy designs with illustrations help you reach higher click-through-rates.

13. Features Illustration

Whether it is on a landing page or an  ad, having an illustration helps to capture your visitor attention.

14. Lead Capture Ad Design

Free proposals, estimates, free consultations are a useful way to capture leads which you can then convert into users or customers.

15. Online Course Lead Capture Design

Creating an online course is useful to capture leads which you can then sell your products to.

16. Onboarding Illustrations

Congrats, you got traffic on your website. Now, convert that those visitors into signups or customers with an mesmerizing onboarding experience.

17. Ebook Design

Ebooks wiith beautiful illustrations are a way to engage the reader better.

18. Small Explanatory Illustrations

IIllustations are a powerful way to demonstrate the value of your product or service to your users.

19. Email Newsletter Design

Create compelling email designs to improve click through rates and traffic on your articles or promotions.

20. Reports Design

Present information in a clear and attractive way to investors, employees or prospective customers.

21. Company Profile Design

Company profiles and annual reports can be a good way to communicate to prospective customers or investors about your company.

22. Powerpoint / Slideshare Presentation Design

A good way to generate leads is in the form of Slideshare / Powerpoint decks to share content in an interactive way to your audience.

23. Booklet Design

Booklets are a great way to present information in an beautiful way.

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