Submitting your requests

To create a request on Manypixels, log in to our dashboard (we use Jar) and go on the top right to submit your request.

If you need inspiration on what to request, you can check out our best practices which feature ideas of what to request.

Communicating with your designer

Please make sure to communicate well your needs.

Communication is the golden rule of Manypixels and the success of your requests (and receiving amazing designs back) is highly dependent on you communicating your needs effectively.

Here are a few tips to communicate with your designer:

  1. Chunk your project into smaller tasks: For example, if you have a big website redesign to do, create multiple requests for each web page design.
  2. Give us a lot of inspiration and tell us what you like in the examples you give us.
  3. Communicate clearly (use bullet points and concise sentences)
  4. Use tools: Loom helps you record videos of your screen, Balsamiq helps you create wireframes.
  5. Schedule an onboarding call with us
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