Sometimes the designer assigned on your request might not be the right fit. Here is how to fix problems and to change your designer.

#1: ⏳ Just Give it Time

We have a 14 days money back guarantee for a good reason: To allow designers to understand your brand and come up with top notch graphic design work, constantly.

Your 1st, 2nd, 3rd request might not always be perfect but... Just give it time till you find the right way to work with your designer.

All our designers are highly vetted, and trained to produce pixel perfect designs. If they do not, it is probably because we misunderstood your brief or did not find yet the style you were looking for.

#2: Is your communication really perfect?

Please remember that the golden rule of Manypixels is great communication between you and your designer. We have written a complete guide on how to create the perfect brief that we highly recommend you to read.

#3: I really want to switch my designer

No problem! If you really want to change your designer, just contact us at [email protected] and we will happily make the switch.

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