🥇 The Golden Rule of Manypixels: Amazing communication.

Manypixels is mostly about one thing: Amazing communication between YOU and YOUR designer.

Here are a few tips to help you nail that communication and ensure a long and happy relationship with your designer!

#1: Know what you want

Here are a few elements I would always include in your brief:

  1. Your business: What is your business about? What do your customers care about? Who are they? 
  2. Your competitors: Who are your competitors? What designs or ads do you like from them? 
  3. Your style preferences: Please include as many examples of designs you like, your brand assets, logo (if you have one) so we can know what you like and make a design that matches your brand. 

💡 Pro Tip: Do you know you can go to your competitors' Facebook Pages on the left section in "Info and Ads" to check the ads they are currently running to get inspiration?

#2: Get inspired

There are tons of great websites to get inspired. Please use them!

  1. Pinterest: Any kind of graphic design inspiration
  2. Land-Book: Landing page inspiration
  3. SiteInspire: Web Design inspiration
  4. Collect UI: Tons of great UI elements inspiration
  5. Behance: Behance is the largest and most complete of all websites and you can find inspiration for branding, presentations, illustrations, etc.
  6. Dribbble: Mostly user interface designs and illustrations.
  7. Logopond: Logo Design inspiration
  8. Pttrns: Mobile Design inspiration 
  9. Agency Websites: Famous design agencies can be a great source of inspiration as well such as Bravo, Pentagram, Landor, Mucho, MadeByAlphabet, Bond, etc.

#3: Communicate better

Here are a few tips:

  1. Be clear and concise: Please keep your briefs short, with concise sentences. 
  2. Tell us the WHY: It is not only about throwing tens of inspiration links at your designer. Please tell us exactly why you like this and what elements we should keep on the design. 
  3. Use tools: There are plenty of tools. Loom helps you record videos of your screen where you can pinpoint to the designer what you want or Balsamiq helps you create wireframes.
  4. Set your expectations: Do you need a quick brush up or a complete, well-thought of design that can take more time? The more we know about this, the more we can adapt to your needs. 
  5. Coming soon - Use our Brief Templates: We are currently writing pre-made briefs that you can copy paste in Jar so that you can make faster and more effectiive requests. 🚀
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