Step 1: Find inspiration

  1. Land-Book: This is our all-time favourite resource at ManyPixels to find great landing page designs. Land-Book features the latest trendy designs and we highly recommend you to use this resource
  2. CollectUI: This resource is very useful for finding inspiration for specific UI elements on your page. Highly recommended too.
  3. Dribbble: Probably the most complete website out of all inspiration websites.

💡 Pro Tip: Create a public Google Doc to create a moodboard with all design inspiration that you like to help your designer!

Step 2: Make your brief

Here is a 3-steps checklist to get amazing landing page designs.

  1. Wireframes: Sketch on paper a wireframe or use easy tools such as Balsamiq to tell us how your website needs to look. We really need this!
  2. Colours, fonts, brand assets, files, any specific instructions: Please give us as many assets as you can so that your design can fit your brand.
  3. What you like / do not like: Okay, now that you have sent us inspiration that you like can you tell us what exactly you like / do not like on these designs? Here is an example below:

💡 Pro Tip: Keep your brief simple and concise.

Step 3: Send to your designer

🚀 Your request is ready, send it to your designer! 

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